Bluey Birthday Party Ideas

A DIY Fantastic Bluey Birthday Party!

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Oh biscuits, do we love a Bluey themed party!! I adored this theme for a birthday party from mom Nicolle (Instagram @wolfandlittleco) and had to share it. Nicolle ordered a party hat from the Bailey & Ava shop and was kind enough to share photos of her daughter Leah’s fun party spread. 

 Bluey Birthday Party Idea

Bluey Decorations

Decorations can make or break a birthday party, turn your living room or event venue into Brisbane in no time flat! Nicolle created this amazing Bluey party set-up with balloons in different pastel shades, an iridescent streamer background, and fun confetti balloons. You can recreate this look by focusing on pastel balloons in blue, purple, pink, and white color palette. To add extra special Bluey touches, Nicolle used some great printables including Bluey garland printable, and  Bingo and Bluey masks. The little details are so important, Nicolle used rainbow plates, polka dot napkins, and a rainbow pom garland to create an extra special feel. 

 Bluey Party Backdrop Idea

Bluey Cake

Let’s talk cake, because we all know that the highlight of any birthday party is the cake. This birthday cake is just amazing. The Bluey theme continues thanks to the fun Bluey toys, rainbow cake topper, Bluey cupcake toppers, and cake and drink sprinkles

Bluey Birthday Party Cake



Bluey Party Attire

No party is complete without a fabulous birthday outfit, and Leah’s is absolutely worth noting. How cute is this Bluey themed dress? I love how Nicolle paired the dress with a Bailey & Ava custom Bluey birthday hat. It’s perfect!

Nicolle, thank you so much for sharing the birthday spread and Bluey inspiration! 

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Birthday Outfits

Bailey & Ava Custom Birthday Hat - Shop Party Hat Link

Bluey Dress -

Bluey Printables

Featherwand Poster -

Beans Props Label -

Granny Props Turned Into Planters -

Straw Accessories & Cupcake Toppers -

Bingo & Bluey Masks -

For more Bluey party inspiration, printables, crafts, and baking ideas check out the “make” section of the website. 

Bluey Toys For Decorations/Cake Topper

Bluey Unipony Set -

Bluey Family Set -

Bluey Friends Set -

Talking Bingo -

Talking Bluey -

Xylophone as the 'Magic Xylophone" -

Party Decor

Rainbow Plates -

Polka Dot Napkins -

Plastic Drink Flutes -

Rainbow Pom Garland -

Pastel Balloons -

Iridescent Confetti Balloons -

Blue Confetti Balloons -

Pastel Number Balloon -

Rainbow Cake Topper -

Streamer Backdrop -

Birthday Girl Flag -


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