Nutcracker Holiday Cards

Nutcracker Holiday Cards

Nutcracker Holiday Card Download

Posted December 14, 2018 by Bailey & Ava

Free Nutcracker themed holiday card download. Chose one template or all four templates and enjoy!


Here is your free download of our Nutcracker Holiday Dancer card. Just click here or the Dancer card photo to download the file. Instructions for printing are included with the download.

If you want the Dancer card, PLUS three additional Nutcracker holiday card designs, click on the card collection photo. The full set of card templates is FREE and will be emailed to you as a Bailey & Ava Insider.

Printing Instructions:

To get started, open the template files, and download your pdf files for 5 x 7 greeting cards. Once open, download your files, and you’re ready to print!

The greeting card and postcard templates are designed to be printed on high-quality card stock that is pre-cut, such as Avery card templates. I also found an alternative on Amazon (there are quite a few) for a set of forty 5 x 7 cards and envelopes

To print, just load the paper in your color printer, open the templates, and print! If you have any difficulty printing, double check your printer paper size settings. Make certain that your printer is set to a 10 x 7 layout. The greeting cards are foldable and the print area is 10 x 7. If you prefer, you can also take your templates to any print shop or kiosk and they can print and cut your cards to size (if needed).

Remember, you can re-download your files at any time. You also have the option of downloading the files to your local drive.


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