Brand Rep/Brand Enthusiast Search

Brand Rep/Brand Enthusiast Search

Bailey and Ava Brand Rep Enthusiast Search!


Bailey & Ava is holding a Brand Rep and Enthusiast Search! We are looking for two new Brand Reps and three Brand Enthusiasts. We are specifically looking for 2 to 7-year-old girl models who love princess wear!

Brand Reps will receive two free items each month (we select). Enthusiasts will receive a discount of 50% each month and are required to purchase one item per month. In exchange, you will post clear photos and video (no watermarks) that show off Bailey and Ava products at least once per week to help promote the brand. We expect you to take the photos and the photos that you submit should be consistent with what you will submit regularly. The Brand Rep and Enthusiast term will last for three months.  


How to enter:

Follow our Media:

1) Follow us on Instagram

2) Follow us on Facebook

3) Join our Facebook Group Bailey and Ava VIP b/s/t

Submit Photos via Facebook and/or Instagram:

4) Facebook - Comment on the Facebook search post with a recent photo or two that you took of your child. Tell us about you, your child, city/region you are from, your shoot style, etc. Please do not include any personal information as this is public. Share with 2 friends that may be interested in our Bailey and Ava Brand Rep and Enthusiast Search.

5) Instagram - Tag us @ #baileyandavasearch on two to three photos from your feed. Your Instagram account must be public. Tag 2 friends that may be interested in our Bailey and Ava Brand Rep and Enthusiast Search.

6) Our search ends on 7/15/19.


The Contract

Click Here to view the contract that you will be required to adhere to.

We have the right to withdraw you from the contract at any time, without question if we find you are not abiding by all the terms and conditions.



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